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Open over May Bank Holidays

VERJU Green Laser Sessions

Pay as you go - £150 per session Pay in advance - 10 sessions for £1000
                            Complete 10 in under 4 weeks and get 2 sessions free

World Health Organisation releases guidelines on chronic low back pain

Open 7 days, 8am to 7pm. Ring 07812124076 - daily appointments and home visits available - immediate walk-in appointments often available

Weekend children's clinic now available

Life in Balance

pandas windvane

Our clinic is located in Heelands, Milton Keynes

Parking is available in the driveway

Pandas, 19 Whetstone Close, Heelands, Milton Keynes MK13 7PP

more details

clinic drive
Rosie Kitchiner

First session - 1 hour includes:

  • Consultation & first treatment -£100 - Extended treatments from £150

  • Follow-up treatment sessions from £60 (1/2 hour)

with Dr Rosie Kitchiner BSc(Chiro), MSc(Paeds) FRCC(Pregnancy & Paediatrics Faculty) Chiropractor - more info

Home visits - 1st appt, 1 hour from £160, follow-up appts, 1/2 hour from £100

Special interest in complex problems


We take cash or card (including ApplePay, etc) - more details

We are registered with most private insurance providers - more details


Now offering our new Weyron Chiropractic  Massage Chair as part of patient management

Fellow of the RCC
Member of the BCA
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