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Complex Problems

Problems in a number of different areas of your body - Lack of full recovery after a trauma (for example, a car crash or stroke/concussion).​  Our patients have usually had extensive imaging (X-ray, MRI, CAT, ultrasound etc) with structural problems that have either healed or have been ruled out.  This is the best time to have our functional assessment and work through your residual problems.

We check:

  • How you feel (brain fog, balance issues, lack of focus etc)

  • How you cope with stress

  • Your posture

  • Your movement

  • Ability to live your life


How your brain integrates different inputs from your eyes, your balance system, your ears, skin and muscles can throw you into a feeling of chaos.  Our aim is to correct aberrant inputs using evidence-based modalities.

A number of patients travel long distances to utilise this service, staying locally, since the advent of 'AirBNB'.  We can arrange transport to and from the clinic, within the Milton Keynes area.


The sessions can be as gentle as you need.  Home plans can be customised for use between trips.

We recommend sessions at least once per month for three consecutive days.

  • Assessment only 1 hour - £100

  • Extended session 30mins to 1 hour, twice a day, starting at £120 per day


Extensively Trained in

  • Functional Medicine & Nutrition

  • Functional Neurology

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation/Medicine

  • Brain Trauma Rehabilitation

  • Stroke & Concussion Rehabilitation

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