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Verjú® Laser Treatment
Verjú is a registered trademark of Erchonia Corporation

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A non-invasive green 532nm non-thermal laser that has been clinically proven effective for the reduction of full body circumference in individuals with a Body Mass Index of up to 40kg/m2 (latest research now covers 40+ BMI), and for temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

verju equipment

How it works

The laser‘s primary target is a chromophore called cytochrome c, which is found inside the mitochondria within the cell wall. Cytochrome c is a vital part of the electron transport chain that drives cellular metabolism.

mitochondria metabolism

Chromophores within the mitochondria respond to light in the form of photons carried by ‘True’ NTLLL (non-thermal low level laser), delivered through electromagnetic energy transfer. Cytochrome c in respiratory chain absorbs mainly red and near infrared (NIR) light and oxidises as a result. Transient Receptor Potential ion channels located mostly on the plasma membrane of cells absorb NIR as well as violet and blue light via structured water; opsins absorb mainly violet, blue and green light via CIS retinal which has a role as a chromophore; flavoproteins and cryptochromes absorb mainly blue and violet light as these from part of the circadian clock and, the light is collected via pterin which passes the energy to another chromophore.

Is it possible that the mitochondria is more important than we thought it was? Is it possible that it is more than just the powerhouse of the cell? Is it possible that our bodies have everything they need for life and health, the only thing missing is the inspiration to function?

Possibly no structure other than the mitochondria is so intimately and simultaneously connected to both the energy of youth and the decline of age. Nuo Sun et al, goes on to say; that the revelation of these complex and antagonistic functions of mitochondria has transformed how we view this subcellular organelle.

The relevance of mitochondria in aging and age-related processes including inflammation and age acquired illness is not a new theory.

During aging, we see an accompanied decline in mitochondrial function. This in turn contributes to observed aging, but not just in function, also in appearance.

Mitochondrial mutations increase in frequency with age, also the levels and kind of mutations appear to differ between tissue and even within tissue, this in turn contributes to aging and age-related conditions.

verju laser beams

Fat and the Endocrine System

Fat cells are part of the endocrine system and as such should be respected and cared for as we would care for any organ of that system, such as the liver.

Fat cells regulate the body‘s metabolism and retention of fat. Verju stimulates this natural function to reduce fat volume without destroying the cell.

Balance of Energy

The electromagnetic wave keeps ionized molecules in a disassociated state. This enhances the ability of the body to absorb energy.

Laser acts like a drug

✓ Recognize and react with molecular receptors

✓ Activates secondary cascades with the cell

✓  Affects cell behaviour and function

✓  Mechanism used by most drugs i.e. Paracetamol


  • The effects of the Erchonia line coherent, rotating laser beam has a structural effect on the subcutaneous fat cell

  • Ex-vivo/in-vivo studies showing Erchonia lasers effectively create a transitory pore in the membrane of a human fat cell,

    emulsifying the fat in the cell, draining it out in to the interstitial space

  • Depth of penetration with the red 635nm laser shows 4.5” (it has since been proved that this is not important due to the systemic effect the lasers have at a cellular level)

  • FDA approved study with the Erchonia 5 diode 635nm red laser showed 9.1cm circumferential reduction from the waist, hips & thighs on a 3 treatments per week for 2 weeks protocol with no adjunct therapies

  • A 689 patient study treating the waist, hips and thighs and measuring numerous untreated body areas, showed free fatty acids don’t get redistributed to other parts of the body after treatment, they drain out via the lymphatic system asErchonia stated in their studies! They also demonstrated that the laser had a systemic effect on these un-treated areas!

  • Reduction in LDL cholesterol during treatments, showing released fat doesn’t enter the bloodstream

  • FDA approved study shows circumferential reduction in the upper arm with the red 635nm laser

  • FDA approved study shows the Erchonia green 532nm laser delivers an 11.43cm reduction from the waist, hips and thighs – 25% more effective than the red laser in 25% less time

  • FDA approved study shows 15.78cm circumferential reduction with the red 635nm 6 diode laser on a once per week for 6 weeks treatment protocol

  • FDA approved with the 10 diode 532nm green laser to effectively treat obese patients with 30-40 BMI (later research now covers 40+ BMI)

  • Reduction in Leptin Levels during treatment by around 50% with the Erchonia red laser

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