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On the first visit the chiropractor's goals must be aligned with the patient's own goals and expectations set. Some patients may just want to be out of pain whilst others would like to address the root cause of problems to give them a potentially healthier, happier life. This may involve a wellness programme with maybe 3 monthly check-ups once problems have been addressed by a defined course of treatment.

  • Your details are taken, address etc

  • The problems you have come in for are thoroughly discussed

  • Your full medical history is taken, this includes diet and dental work

  • What you want to achieve is discussed

  • After consenting, you are examined

  • The results are briefly discussed

  • You undergo a full body check and appropriate treatment

  • During the treatment you will be continually assessed

  • Imaging may be scheduled to assist the understanding of your problem

  • Finally, your treatment plan is discussed

A typical plan might be visits twice a week for 2 weeks whilst you are in pain, followed by a weekly visit for about 6 weeks, then visits spreading out to once a fortnight and finally to a maintenance check every 6 months.

Once you are out of pain and beginning to stabilize, you will be given rehabilitation exercises.

This is a typical plan but plans vary according to patient requirements and the type of problems discovered.

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