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Virtual consultations

If you are not happy to come in during the pandemic, we are happy to do telephone consultations for new patients. This works out very well, especially for new patients where most of the consultation is finding out about the patient's story.  Some information can be gleaned from filling in forms, but we prefer to listen to a story and get the 'feel' of a patient.  Once you have finished talking we will ask for more detail on specific areas and further questions.  By the end we will have a good idea about what's going on with your body and current health status.  So many things contribute to your symptoms and the history and build-up of symptoms give insight into your status and how to go about helping you.  You will be given initial instructions if you have trouble with everyday movement.  Follow-up virtual consults will give specific exercises designed for you.  These will increase in amount and complexity as your condition improves.  We can also use FaceTime or other video capture to clarify your problems and follow your progress.

Call 07812124076 for details

T&Cs apply.

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