Mente Neurofeedback Treatment for Autism (ASD)

Home-based therapy (40mins/day for 12 weeks)

Based on a clinical study published in the July 2018 issue of the prestigious journal Frontiers in Neurology it helps children with ASD relax, focus and engage. It is currently in its 4th iteration and there are families who have been using the device for 5 years. Mente is a medical device being used as a therapeutic tool for symptoms associated with ASD in more than 15 countries worldwide.

See for more details, or call/text 07812124076

mente user and parent


90 sessions at £10 each - total £900

3 assessments (1 hour) - pre, mid and post-assessments - each £100 total £300

Equipment loan deposit £300 refundable on return

Total £1500 - Payable up front

£300 refundable after equipment refund after the 12 weeks

Payment cash or card